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A red and white sportscar zoomed through the streets of Haleigh, underneath the beautiful Wednesday sunset sky. Chris and Shojira clung to their seats for dear life as Bailey used her horsepower to zoom past the turns and lanes to get to the Shirazi mansion.  Bailey was dressed in a new vest over a dress shirt while Chris and Shojira settled for long-sleeved dress shirts and ties. Though they probably should have worn helmets thanks to Bailey’s crazy driving. The wheels on her car spun so ferociously, they were almost on fire.

Thankfully for the guys, Bailey reached the mansion with no accidents. Unfortunately, there was swarms of paparazzi hounding the entrance gate, and they went insane with desperation when they noticed Bailey was driving. Bailey got the “ok” from the guards and entered the property while the guards dealt with the photography vultures. Once the trio was inside, a servant directed them to the dining room, where Blaze awaited them, along with the foreign fighters.

Blaze was in a long white dress and matching shoes with her hair tied in a ponytail. Chris noticed how her dress shined and he noticed little diamonds that decorated the garment. She eagerly approached Bailey and almost hugged her before halting herself and tried to regain her “nobility” with a handshake. Chris and Shojira shared sideways glances though Bailey politely smiled.

“Now! If everybody will remain standing!” Blaze announced, still trying to move on from her break of formality. All of the guests were clumped with their friends at the table, which was rather barren. “Thank you for attending tonight’s dinner. I personally made sure that no press will interrupt us this evening. Now, I know that this might not be necessary, but I’d like everyone to sit near someone they do not know personally. I would appreciate if all of you would take the time to get to know one another. If you please?”

With little resistance, the guests shuffled randomly among each other until they were at least side by side with someone new. Bailey ended up seated by a female armadillo and a male puma. Chris ended up sitting right next to Blaze and a humongous green Eastern Dragon from Shen La. Shojira was on the dragon’s other side and right next to a tan, youthful human male with faded scars on his face and a brown Mohawk fade. Chris shifted his head to peer at the towering dragon and ended up facing his elbow.

Turning his line of sight towards the dragon’s head, he could make out a pair of glasses and a red beard. Otherwise, he didn’t really have a good clue of what the dragon looked like…or if he was even in a good mood. “Excuse me. I’m Chris Hayabusa. Nice to meet you,” Chris extended his right hand, showing off his fangs in a friendly smile at the dragon. The dragon’s head lowered down to face Chris, and to Chris’ surprise, his new companion seemed rather gentle for someone of his stature.

“Hello! I am Hanzo Ichinagi from the Esaka borough of Shen-La. A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Hayabusa!” the dragon beamed, with a hint of nobility in his voice. “It is not often that I travel to foreign lands so it is delightful to be so close to not only a formidable town hero, but royalty as well.”

Blaze giggled at Hanzo. “I find it delightful to be around pleasant company.”

Chris was rather unsure of Hanzo’s claim about him. “Town hero? That’s…a new one.”

The dragon viewed down and rubbed his chin. “Wait…it was either that or town delinquent.”

The wolf hunched over and stared a hole through his plate. “I’m…not really either of those things so I don’t know who told you that,” he thought to himself. The wolf paused for a moment. “So, Hanzo…if you’re a part of the exhibitions, what’s your style?”

“Aikido. I practice it in my spare time. It helps me maintain control of my natural strength.”

“Ah, well you can never have too much spare time for something like Aikido.”

“Valid point. It helps me clear my mind for my poetry,” Hanzo remarked with a smile.

Chris raised an eyebrow. “Poetry? So wait, you make a living as a poet?”

Hanzo nodded. “I could never find much sense in making my living in combat. While it is important to be able defend myself, I do not wish to make a profit from physically harming others.”

The wolf frowned and kept a weary eye on Hanzo. He had no idea what to make of this guy.
Hanzo lowered himself to whisper in Chris’ ear. “Though you will have much more opportunities to know about me. I would take this chance to speak with your princess.” The dragon smiled in encouragement before turning his conversation to Shojira, who sat on his other side.

Chris arched his head past Blaze’s left to see who else she was inbetween. He saw a quick glimpse of a grey langur before the princess’ golden yellow eyes appeared in front of his line of vision. Blaze smiled at the wolf and said, “Hello, Christopher.”

The wolf paused and returned her smile, his fingers on his right hand opening and closing rather absentmindedly on the table. “Hello, Your are you feeling this evening?”

Blaze nodded her head left to right in faux deep thought and replied in a cartoonish upper-class voice. “I am feeling quite lovely, prepared to eat an excellently prepared dinner while meeting such charming faces. Oh indubitably, this evening promises to be one worthy of talks and scripture into history!”

Chris scratched the back of his head. “So that’s an ‘I’m doing fine’?”

She giggled, now appearing less of a snooty stereotype and more approachable. “Sorry, I couldn’t resist. It’s a habit I’ve gotten into when meeting some of the citizens who are too worried about being themselves. A lot of people are afraid that I might send them to our dungeon or something.” She still kept her cheeky grin.

Chris chuckled. “A dungeon, huh? You still keep it clean? Having too many skeletons in there might just be a tad bit unsanitary.”

Blaze paused and folded her arms in deep thought. “…I believe we cleaned it out last Thursday. Thursday is when the trash is taken out.”

Chris raised his eyebrows and gasped in horror. “How DARE you! Those prisoners are still Terrans, dammit!”

Blaze laughed, shaken up by Chris’ delivery. Chris snickered along with her, way more comfortable with talking to the princess now than just a few moments ago. “I did not expect this to be the icebreaker between the two of us,” Chris remarked.

Blaze opened her mouth to reply but the kitchen doors opened and a line of servers entered the room with trays upon trays of food. Each server approached each individual patron at the table, laying down the trays they held in their hands, revealing the intoxicating smell of fresh ham, turkey, chicken, bread, biscuits, and potatoes. Although with less powerful aromas, the salads, fruit, ramen noodles, and seafood were all alluring in their own right. The servers then began to ask each guest what they would prefer to have on their plates. Chris ended up helping himself to some fresh salad, ham, biscuits and chicken. He turned his head to see what Hanzo was eating, which appeared to be a single bowl of ramen noodles with some meat in the bowl. On his other side, Blaze actually had much more food on her plate, though she at least had the proper silverware and knew how to use it.

Wishing he was more focused in the etiquette lessons his sister gave him, Chris picked up the smallest fork and got into his salad. It was very delicious, crisp with every ingredient tasting as if it was just picked out of the garden. After politely swallowing, he turned over at Blaze, who was enjoying herself a piece of turkey.

“Blaze, er I mean, Your Highness…”

“It’s okay, you can call me Blaze,” the princess clarified.

“Blaze, I’ve seen pictures of you walking along the streets of Aldwynne on your own. Don’t you usually have guards wherever you go to keep you safe? You’re sort of high profile.”

The princess giggled and looked back at the wolf. “I’m not exactly a teenage girl, am I?”

Chris scratched the side of his face and lowered his line of vision. “No, not really. I just thought that was mandatory with any kind of political leader to have some sort of protection wherever they go.”

“Actually, you’re not wrong. It’s just that my protection isn’t obvious. I wouldn’t be easy to walk up to if a hulking bodyguard sat down by me wherever I went, giving evil glares to everyone.”

“Heck, I think if they were here, they’d be body-slamming me through the table for being way too nice,” Chris joked before eating some more food.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed Blaze spying on Bailey. The badger seemed rather uninterested with the pick-up lines the puma sitting by her was trying to use. After swallowing, Chris turned to the princess, who did not react in time to pretend she wasn’t watching Bailey.

“Bailey caught your interest, huh, Blaze?” Chris asked, doing his best not to show his amusement. Blaze had an expression of envy for the puma before she realized Chris was watching her.

“Oh! Um…yes, the thing is that Bailey…she…” The princess stammered and her hands uselessly gestured while she tried to find her words. She just could not speak while keeping herself appear as someone with authority. Ultimately, she couldn’t keep herself together anymore. She heatedly whispered, “Bailey is just amazing! I mean, I’ve never seen someone with her athletic ability before! And she’s just…!”

Blaze halted herself when she noticed Chris’ wide-eyed expression. She slowly covered her face for a few seconds before sighing and uncovering it. Blaze whispered again, “I’m the princess and yet I still get starstruck by other people…just how does that work?”

Chris could only offer a smile and a shrug before Blaze added, “Remember when I said I’m not a teenage girl? Obviously I need to work on that.” She grinned back at Chris and ended up ignoring her plate.

“So Chris, how long have you been training in martial arts?”

“Ever since I was seven. It’s sort of become second-nature at this point.” The wolf’s face twisted while he thought of what to say next. “I wouldn’t really call it a specific style, like ‘karate’ or ‘tae kwon do’. It’s more my own original style, just influenced by established martial arts.”

“You don’t call it ‘wolfkido’, do you?” The princess inquired, her white fangs grinning.

Chris sniggered, “Oh please, I’m not that full of myself. Besides, I’d call it something along the line of ‘Street Busting’ or ‘The Way of the Fang’.”

Blaze rolled her eyes and proceeded to imitate two different gruff males. “’Yo man, who did this to you?’ ‘Oh, this crazy wolf guy who says he fights using ‘Street Busting’ whooped my ass!’ ‘What the hell is ‘Street Busting’? ‘That’s what I said!’”

The wolf was covering his mouth and tried his best to keep himself from falling over from laughing. He succeeded but his cheeks hurt from just how much Blaze got to him. The princess rubbed his shoulder to help calm him down. “You all right there? Didn’t expect me to say that?” Chris could only shake his head no as he caught his breath.

Blaze fixed her hair and her face became gentle. “Tell me more about yourself, Chris. How’d you meet your friends?”

Chuckling to himself, Chris began, “Okay, so as I mentioned, I was seven years old when I started training in martial arts. My dad took me to the dojo for lessons. Things had happened at my elementary school so my parents thought it would be best for me to go take them to keep myself out of trouble. First day I was there, here’s a tiger who’s my size and then this badger girl who’s about the size of 11 year old but a year older than me. I thought Shojira was nice. He always wanted to hang out with me and we usually talked about games, books, all that. But I also thought Bailey was mean. Mainly because she was so big and grouchy.”

The princess glanced over at Bailey again. She smiled at the thought of young, much smaller Bailey folding her arms and pouting. Turning back to Chris, she said, “If you don’t mind me asking…what happened at school that made your parents sign you up for lessons? It had to have involved you, right?”

Chris’ smile faded. He played with his fingers and he sighed. “Okay. What happened was that a lot of the time at school, I would see other kids getting picked on by a group of bullies and I was getting so fed up with it. When I was born…I was more than special. I had…I guess you could call it a superpower.” Chris’ eyes darted around the table to make sure no one would notice. Suddenly, a small purple flame suddenly appeared on the tip of his right pointer finger. Blaze appeared shocked once she saw Chris’ spark light and then extinguish.

“I learned about this power when I was trying to defend myself. I enjoyed how strong I felt, the energy coming from the flames. So I thought I could be a superhero and try and stop bullying. First time I tried it, I ended up burning the bully. It wasn’t severe but it was enough for me to get in trouble and be taken out of school, but mostly for my safety. Thing was that the authorities thought I brought a lighter to school. It was coincidence that they found one at campus and so they immediately pinned it on me. My brother and sister ended up being scared of me because they thought I would hurt them the same way if I got mad, so that’s when my dad signed me up. Things…got rough after the incident though.”

Blaze shifted in her seat and continued to give Chris her full, undivided attention. “What do you mean? Were other people distrustful of you?”

The wolf nodded. “None of the parents wanted their kids around me. I wasn’t really able to go anywhere without having someone look at me and whisper behind my back. I obviously felt lonely with no kids my age to talk to. My martial arts teacher, Jirokai, helped Bailey and Shojira become convinced that I wasn’t going to hurt them so I didn’t have to worry about that. Still, even with all of the control he was able to give me over my flames, I don’t feel comfortable using them.”

The princess took a quick glance at Shojira, who had now begun to show Hanzo how to wrap a big ball of noodles around a chopstick to eat. Hoping to help Chris take his mind off of his past, she asked, “Is Shojira always eager to teach something?”

Chris chuckled. “You wouldn’t guess it by first impressions, but the guy’s pretty smart. He sort of has to be for his sister.”

“How come?” Blaze questioned.

“Shojira is pretty much the only family that his sister has left. So he’s been teaching a lot of different things. Though I doubt she needs to know how many episodes there are in ‘The Kyoto Nightcrawler’ where Tanae Kikamura does the Dragon Punch.”

Blaze giggled, appearing to appreciate Chris’ lighter mood. Faster than either of them could realize, Bailey approached them, carrying her plate and chair with her. She got in-between Blaze and the gray langur, much to Chris’ amusement and the langur’s annoyance. Bailey gave Blaze a flashy smile and asked, “So is my buddy here giving you thrilling stories?” Chris rolled his eyes and replied, “Yeah, I’m sure hearing you talk about the umpteenth time you threw someone into a table would be so much…okay, you got me there.”

Bailey chuckled and patted Chris on the shoulder. “Aww, I’m just kidding you. I wouldn’t really know of a good way to start a conversation with the princess of the country I lived in.” Bailey nodded at Blaze but was confused to find the princess so quiet. The princess appeared to be gazing at Chris, lost in thought.

“Blaze, would you like an autograph?” As fast as a bullet was Blaze’s response, “Yes please!” Bailey laughed at the sudden eagerness though Chris wondered what Blaze was staring at him for. She pulled out a pen and notepad from her vest pocket, scribbling her autograph down and handing it to Blaze. The princess smiled in gratitude. Chris spoke up, “So Blaze, do you want to hear a story about me, Bailey, and Shojira?” She nodded.

The wolf just about picked up where he left off. “So, after getting to know Shojira, I wanted to get tough and show Bailey I could defend myself. That was because Bailey just whooped my butt all the time in sparring. So I worked as hard as I could during lessons. Bailey kept to herself mostly until I actually asked for a spar with her. Of course, she just wipes the floor with me for most of it. But I kept going on and pushing her to the limit until she’s just exhausted. When she finally stops me, I am staring straight at her when she asks me, ‘Why wouldn’t you just stop?!’ I told her, ‘I want to help people! I want to be a hero!’ And the more sparring we had, the more evenly matched we were. My first win over her, I can remember it so well, because it was the first time I saw her smile at me.”

Blaze gave a small snigger and interjected with, “Sounds sort of cheesy, don’t you think?” Chris laughed. “Yeah, it is, I just made that ‘first time smiling’ thing up. Bailey was much easier to know than I thought she would after sparring so much.”

Bailey smirked and added, “Yeah, though it was hard to keep a little squirt like you still once you got going.”

Chris continued, “She sat with me during a break one day. It was around her 9th birthday and I guess her parents asked her to invite me and Shojira to her party. She wasn’t sure if I wanted to go. I told her I would show up and so did Shojira. So, I’m at the party and I’m enjoying myself. Then, the bullies Bailey were hanging out with at school show up, uninvited. Shocker there. They were there to try and get Bailey to leave her own party to do something stupid. I walk up, wondering what’s going on and they nod at me and start calling me ‘runt’…and that’s the only insult I care to repeat. Me being that young and having all these jerks insult me, of course I felt ready to start crying.”

Bailey grinned, eager to also tell part of the story. Chris smiled and gestured for her to do so. “But then, I shove one of them away from me, yelling ‘You leave my friend alone! You all suck for picking on him and you also suck for being a bunch of cowards! ’ And when I shove someone, they end up falling down about 15 feet away. Right before one of them started going crazy, I saw Shojira dash up and give another bully a shove of his own, and he’s too ticked off to say anything. Finally, Chris goes up and yells in their faces, ‘Bailey doesn’t want you here! Shojira doesn’t want you here! Nobody wants any of you here! Go away!’”

Blaze’s eyes widened. “So you two and Shojira pretty much standoff with them, thinking you’re gonna beat them up?” Surprisingly, she laughed and said, “You three must have been ready to do that.”

Chris returned her laugh and nodded. “That’s pretty much it. And I was just so done, I was burning up. By then, the adults come running and threaten to call their parents for causing trouble so of course, they hightail it. Afterwards, Bailey lets me and Shojira have first bites of the cake and ice cream they had. Even though most of the other kids invited went home, she wanted me and Shojira to spend the night. So we did, we stayed up late playing video games and watching TV, and since that day, we’ve just been inseparable.”

Blaze smiled while Bailey laid back in her chair. The badger remarked, “Yeah, I couldn’t really let a pair of knuckleheads run around and try to be badasses. They would have been on a fast path to trouble without me.”

The princess laughed quietly, noticing Bailey going back to her dinner. Blaze scooted closer to Chris to keep Bailey out of earshot. “So, how did your teacher give you control over your powers? And what happened to you and your education?”

Chris shrugged at the first question. “It was all just a part of mental discipline and concentration. As for the latter, I ended up being homeschooled because I couldn’t be trusted. So I graduated elementary school on my own and then I tried public high school. Thankfully, there were less people who were paranoid about me being a ‘pyromaniac’ and I had Bailey and Shojira there to back me up. Otherwise, nothing really special.”

The tigress studied Chris once again, the wolf eyeing his empty plate with a weak stare. Blaze decided to stand up and called for attention. After everyone was watching her, Blaze announced,
“Before I forget! There is something that I would like to present to each and every one of you!”

The princess rose from her seat and walked to a cabinet. She pulled out a stack of paper wrapped in plastic and started walking around to everyone seated at the table. Hanzo was the first one to receive a paper and was instantly surprised. Shojira shared the same reaction, showing Chris and Bailey what he was given.

It was a drawn portrait of the tiger himself, with a small signature in the corner that appeared to be Blaze’s. The guests all gave thanks to Blaze and complimented her on the quality of her art, showing each other her renditions. Chris took a good look at his portrait, which was actually a recreation of his senior year portrait, so his hair was slicked back and he was wearing a tuxedo.

Bailey snickered before displaying her portrait to Chris, the drawing also remaking Bailey’s senior year picture. She was also wearing a tuxedo but she also appeared to have been through a wrestling match, with a bandage over her right eye and her hair unkempt.

The princess could only show her delight by how happy everyone was with her gifts until the clock rang 10:00 at night. Blaze gasped, having been caught off guard. “Oh my, it’s 10:00 already? The time sure flies past you, doesn’t it? I don’t want to deprive you all of your rest!” Even though everyone was trying to convince her that they weren’t tired, Blaze insisted they headed home and got enough rest for tomorrow. As the guests thanked Blaze once again and the foreign visitors left to their limo, Chris, Bailey, and Shojira were the last to leave. Before they exited the mansion, Blaze gave Chris and Bailey individual hugs and wishes of luck. The male tiger noticed how long Blaze hugged Chris and patted his back.

When the three got into Bailey’s car and left the property, they noticed the paparazzi had disbanded. Now much more relaxed behind the wheel, much to the boys’ relief, Bailey appeared to take her time driving home. Shojira decided to speak up. “So what in the world did you two do to get a hug from our princess?”

“Mine was pretty obvious, if you remember the letter,” Bailey reminded Shojira.

The tiger diverted his attention to Chris, who was sitting in the backseat. “So what about you?”

Chris was busy playing with his fingers before realizing Shojira was talking to him. “Oh. Just told her some fun stories about the three of us. And some cute ones about me.”

A snicker slowly rose from Bailey. “Did you tell the princess about the ‘Rope of Doom?’”

Shojira made a sound that could best be described as a cat that was kicked off the bed. “Bailey, you know how much I don’t like hearing about that rope. You say it’s just a piece of rope but it is evil as hell itself!”

Bailey and Chris both cracked up as they continued to head home. They were going to need some high spirits to get through tomorrow.
The autumn sun rose, reflecting off of the windows of buildings and towers of a very large, pristine city called Haleigh. The early morning workers were already heading to their work sites and businesses were opening their doors to the rising bustle and noise of the city. A cool wind ran through the streets, leaves dancing away from the trees. Near the outskirts of the city rested a large mansion with an acre-spanning fence around the property.

At the entrance stood two well-dressed guards, appearing very alert. Their stony faces broke into smiles before they opened the gate and a black luxury car exited the driveway and headed into the city. The vehicle cruised along the streets until it reached a parking lot in the center of the restaurant district.

A petite magenta tigress with swirling stripes along her face exited the vehicle. She was dressed in a long flowing blue dress, black jacket, black slacks, and white heels. With a purse over her shoulder she walked down to the street corner. She entered a small building displaying a sign shaped after a city skyline that read “Colony Café”.

The tigress entered to the sound of a jingling bell and smooth jazz. The aroma of black coffee greeted Blaze while her eyes adjusted to the rather dimly lit interior.  She approached the register, meeting a black human male who grinned upon meeting the familiar face. “Hello, Your Highness! What’ll be today?” he asked. The tigress pondered the menu while giving the cashier her own smile in return.

“A cappuccino is just fine with me, Bryan,” she said with a very noticeable ethnical accent.

In only half a minute, the cup was prepared and the tigress gave the cashier some dollar bills and coins. Thanking him and taking her cup, she headed to an open table near a window with a wide view of the street. She thought about the day’s agenda while reaching for a stray newspaper on a nearby table.

Blaze rearranged the disorganized pages to assemble the morning edition of the local paper. The front page news proclaimed the arrival of the government leaders of the different countries within Sol. Blaze chuckled to herself. She imagined her parents were sure to have lots of fun going through a slew of nonsense just to talk to their neighbors.

Skimming through the headlines, the princess took a quick glance through the articles while periodically taking sips of her drink. She opened the paper in the middle of raising the cup to her mouth and almost dropped it in surprise.

The sports section boasted a picture of a powerful female badger in a dojo sparring with a male wolf. Upon noticing the badger, Blaze was beginning to squeal and bounce in her seat when she noticed several early bird patrons of the café looking directly at her. Remembering where she was, she cleared her throat and offered a polite smile. But she hung her head and grimaced right after.

In an effort to recompose herself, Blaze took a look at the article accompanied by the photo. She read through:

Fighters Ready for World Festival

By Matthew Kowalewski

The 32nd annual Terra Festival is set to begin Thursday morning, featuring live entertainment and activities for the native citizens of Aldwynne as well as foreign visitors. While tents will be set up as a market for would-be shoppers, the city square will feature a stage for live events over the 3 day festival. The first event, taking place at 10 a.m., is a series of exhibition one-on-one martial arts battles featuring specifically chosen contestants from each country. The countries are represented by three person teams that will be mixed and matched individually for a variety of bouts. “The fights are meant to show off the different styles and competitors and not for personal glory,” claimed Zirachi president, Kimbe Arunda. “The term ‘fighting’ is used rather loosely. It is more of a performance. We do not intend for the proceedings to escalate beyond the novelty of seeing top athletes spar with one another.”

One of the athletes, Shen-La representative and champion kickboxer Song Yoon, gave the following statement after hearing of President Arunda’s comments: “Sparring? Sparring is not going to get the crowd pumped up to see their favorite fighters brawl against each other. Sure, there’s not really anything on the line but you never want to send people home feeling let down. You want to make them remember something as cool as me showing off my kicks. It’s not every day you can see greatness like myself in person.”

The Haleigh Messenger managed to acquire statements from the Sol representatives, who can now be revealed to the public for the first time. The three representatives are: Shojira Hyujimoto, Chris Hayabusa, and Bailey Rosworth. Bailey Rosworth is the current Global Wrestling Alliance World Champion, having defended her title over 7 times now while Shojira Hyujimoto and Chris Hayabusa are her childhood friends/sparring partners. The GWA champion was very insistent in having the two be her partners for the event. “I’m the one who knows these two the best and vice versa. They got my back and I have theirs. The only thing that could make this more interesting is 3-on-3 team battles but that’d be too much of a cakewalk for us,” said Bailey. When questioned about her inclusion in the event, she replied, “It’s simple. It’s like an all-star game scenario. People apparently want to see me in the same place with other talented fighters at the same time. So how can I say no?”

Hyujimoto and Hayabusa declined to comment, their explanation being “We’re not going to get ourselves in trouble with our big mouths.” Regardless, public interest in the event promises to make it a highly-watched spectacle. Some would claim it as a surefire way to gather more attendees but time will tell.

The tigress squinted at the article after reading it. She knew that Bailey was participating so why did she get so excited over a simple picture? She should really get a grip on things…

Blaze neatly folded up the newspaper and placed it back where it originally was. She finished off her cup of coffee, discarding it on her way back to her car. After leaving the area, she headed towards a denser area of Haleigh where a crowd of open tents were gathered, parking across the street.

Taking a clipboard holding several papers with her from her car, Blaze walked to the tent that had a white flag with a pair of crossing red lines with a sun in the center. A few city workers dressed in navy blue jump suits and matching caps attending to the tent noticed her and hastily bowed.

“Hello, Your Highness!” they all exclaimed with noticeable quivers.

Blaze giggled and waved her hand. “Hello, gentlemen. No need to be so formal.” Her soft voice calmed the nerves of the workers considerably. One of them broke into a big grin and chuckled goofily looking at Blaze, unaware he was sweeping the air.

Blaze walked towards a tent with a flag prominently showing an iceberg, with a white sign displayed the word “Cordelia” in very intricate lettering. More workers were attending to it, but overlooking the job was a hulking polar bear dressed in a gray suit that was adorned with a lapel of the Cordelia flag on his suit. He turned his head behind him and chuckled upon noticing the tigress.

“Blaze, my dear! A pleasure to see you again!” He gave her a big hug that lifted her off the ground and made her wince through her smile.

“It has been a while, Mr. Nikolai,” Blaze said shakily, sneaking a rub to her back.

“Last time I had a one-on-one chat with you, though, you kicked me in the shin when your parents were busy,” Nikolai chuckled, with a much thicker accent than the tigress.

Blaze laughed nervously and averted her line of vision from the polar bear. He did not seem to care, however. He patted Blaze’s shoulders.

“You are growing into a beautiful woman, my dear. How are your parents?”

“Oh. Just running a country. Nothing too stressful. How’s Mr. Vashikoff? How was his flight?”

Nikolai nodded approvingly. “Could not have been better. His Excellency was very pleased.”

Blaze beamed. “Only the very best for all of our neighbors! Nothing less can be accepted.”

The polar bear chortled and clapped Blaze on the back, knocking her off balance and almost making her drop her clipboard though he did not notice. “Ja, it would not be very fun if His Excellency did not receive his salmon for lunch! Oh the temper that man has for cuisine!”

The tigress kept herself from falling, easing the sting on her back. Nikolai was not one for restraint. “Are you excited for the festival, Mr. Nikolai?” Blaze asked.

“Very excited. I do hope that my chosen three fighters impress everyone in the exhibition bouts and bring total victory to Cordelia,” Nikolai replied, suddenly looking very cold.

“I-It’s not a competition, Mr. Nikolai! It’s supposed to be for fun!” Blaze stammered.

Nikolai roared with laughter. He roughly patted Blaze’s shoulders again, the polar bear’s strength too much for the poor tigress. “I kid, I kid! My thirst for victory has faded considerably since my youth, dear! I do not wish to be a ‘party popper’, as some would say.”

It took everything Blaze had to not sigh. Instead, she weakly patted Nikolai’s massive left arm. “I am glad to hear that. Now, I need to keep on with my work. I’ll see you tomorrow, sir.”

Nikolai uttered a goodbye in a foreign tongue while Blaze left him. She went on to check on the other tents and meeting the people who were in charge of them. After making sure everything was going according to schedule, she made her way to the main stage where a combat ring was being set up.

Blaze stood near the ring to wait for the foreign fighters from the other continents to arrive to meet her. A female human dressed like the guards back at the mansion approached her in a very stiff manner, appearing rather winded. “Our visitors have arrived, Your Highness!” Right on cue, a group of 15 Terrans approached the princess with luggage in tow. They all bowed in respect to Blaze, all looking very curious with their surroundings.

Blaze smiled and greeted the group, appearing cheery even though her body was now starting to ache from Nikolai’s unintentional displays of strength. “It’s a pleasure to have you all make it to Aldwynne safe and sound. I’m here to escort you to the hotel you’ll be staying at during your stay here. I hope you find our fair city of Haleigh to your liking.” She scanned the group and noticed the stylish track suits they were all wearing that separated each group from one another, with the colors of their respective countries. Blaze looked at her clipboard and motioned for the group to follow her.

Out of the corner of her eye, she snuck a peek at the small mob of fighters. She recognize a number of them from the news, including Song Yoon. The gray langur was grinning and whispering to his friends as his eyes wandered.

Only having traveled a few blocks, Blaze had led the group to a luxury hotel, which appeared to touch the sky when standing on street level. The fighters were visibly impressed with the quality of the interior of the hotel. The fighters all checked into their rooms, Blaze hearing some rather interesting names that she recalled from a variety of news headlines. Before anyone headed to their rooms, Blaze announced, “Feel free to explore the city and enjoy the sights. I only ask that you all are prepared by 6 o’clock p.m. tomorrow night so you may enjoy a dinner at my home in celebration of the Terra Festival.”

The visitors all nodded and headed towards the elevators to reach their respective rooms. Blaze gave a small sigh to herself, thankful that things went off without a hitch. She exited the hotel and walked back the way she came to her car. Rubbing her back once she sat in the driver’s seat, she made her way back home.

Once Blaze parked her car and headed inside, the front doors opened to an unusual mix of fur, feather, and flesh until Blaze realized that it was the very leaders her parents were meeting.

She quickly nodded and greeted everyone who was exiting the home, being smiled at in return by all of them. Once the group was escorted outside of the property by a separate limousine, Blaze finally headed inside, stretching her back and feeling it loosen.

“Rather fast and furious morning, eh, my dear?” A deep, husky voice reached Blaze’s ears once she entered the sitting room. The warm, enriching smell of tea that was mixed horribly with heavy perfume violated Blaze’s nose.

“Yes, Father. I do not envy you or Mother one bit,” Blaze responded.

Blaze’s parents were still seated. King Ferno was quite a specimen, with a powerful frame and charcoal suit clashing with his rather gentle smile and natural orange and white fur. His fair wife, Charrie, was clad in a red button-down shirt, pencil skirt, and matching heels. A golden pendant shined from her neck and gold bracelets adorning her wrists, complimenting her magenta coat. Both appeared to be aging gracefully, considering their youthful years were a distant memory.

The princess let herself drop down on an open seat next to her mother, letting out a sigh.

“Something wrong, darling?” Charrie pleasantly asked, in the same accent that graced Blaze’s voice.

“Well…I have no idea why I chose to wear these heels to walk a few blocks in, I made a fool out of myself at Colony Café over the sports section, and my back is starting to feel numb.”

Ferno’s brow furrowed. “Why is your back starting to feel numb?”

Lazily turning to look at her father, she replied, “Because good ol’ Mr. Nikolai has no idea over the concept of restraint.”

Charrie gently patted Blaze’s leg and smiled. Ferno chuckled at his daughter. “He’s always been one to be oblivious of his environment, dear,” Charrie reminded Blaze.

“Still…he could have remembered that he’s the size of a tank,” the young tigress muttered grumpily.

“So how went your meeting?”

This time, it was the King’s turn to look annoyed. He rolled his eyes and rested his face on his left palm. “Good heavens, when Ms. Zei Yen begins to talk, there is no stopping that boisterous peacock. We were discussing about the different samples of cuisine to offer and she was heavily insisting that we serve crickets of all things!”

Blaze asked, “So what did you end up telling her?”

Ferno huffed and adjusted himself in his chair. “I told Ms. Zei Yen that we simply wanted to serve the very best, and that crickets seemed way too simple.”

Blaze didn’t look too gripped with the answer. She rubbed her eyes and her back. That polar bear sure did a number on her. “As long as I don’t have to eat whatever she thinks of…”

Ferno continued. “And then…well…Mr. Arunda ended up getting into a small spat with Mr. Vashikoff over the newspaper article that ran today.” To answer Blaze’s perplexed look, he added, “Mr. Vashikoff called Mr. Arunda ‘narrow-minded’ and ‘foolish’ for thinking that, and I’m quoting Mr. Vashikoff, ‘the egos of those involved will settle for childish tussling.’”

Blaze’s eyes rolled in thought. “So basically, Mr. Vashikoff thinks that they’ll turn into real fights?”

Ferno nodded. “Though we are requiring the participants to be wearing protective gear as well as having an official in the ring so even if that did happen, there wouldn’t be much room for that.”
The young feline simply shook her head and made a face showing a bit of exhaustion.

Charrie noticed, thus she leaned over and whispered to Blaze, “If it helps you feel better, how about you prepare the gifts you had planned for the guests? Like for Miss Rosworth? She should have received my letter today.”

Blaze’s weary eyes suddenly snapped open before she rushed off to her room in a flash, leaving her mother chuckling at her daughter’s trigger while Ferno was confused. Now in the comfort and privacy of her room, Blaze hurriedly opened her desk drawers and took out a stack of paper and pencils. She had a separate stack of photos in her left drawer and picked up the top picture of the stack. The subject in the photo, a familiar gray langur, sported a mischievous smile. The writing on the side of the photo read “Song Yoon – Shen La” and soon, the princess was putting pencil to paper and getting to work…
Sol - Chapter 1: A Day In The Life
Here it is, Chapter 2 after some retouching. Keep in mind that this is NOT the final, I'm simply posting to receive some feedback.

And before anyone says anything, yes, the newspaper author IS a certain Punisher-loving American man who throws fire axes.


After some personal feedback from :iconhyperchaotix:, who said that this chapter should be the first one, that's what I'm doing. So only the first sentence has changed. That's all. :V
Ready To Feel The Burn? by OrochiPhoenix19
Ready To Feel The Burn?
Miss Blaze Shirazi, dressed as Kyo Kusanagi from the King of Fighters series.

Drawn by the lovely Whitney, the fairer half of :iconpeterandcompany:. They're mainly active on but please go check them out and support them! They deserve it!

Main Peter and Company account
Whitney's FA account
Me! My niece was just born today and oh my God, I'm so excited! More details to come when they do but yay!

Journal History


Why do you wanna know? :3
United States
Name: Chris Hayabusa

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Height: 6’1"

Weight: 195 lbs

Species: Wolf

Hair color: Gray

Eye color: Blue

Family: Damien Hayabusa (father), Susan Hayabusa (mother), Christie Hayabusa (sister),
Jaden Hayabusa (brother)

Powers/Abilities: Chris is extremely proficient in martial arts, having trained in the Soaring Dragon Dojo since he was 7 years old. He came up with an original style of combat based in Wing Chun, Capoeira, and wrestling. He also has an interest in parkour, which he uses as a part of his daily training regimen. Chris comes from a long line of pyrokinetics, and even though his parents found no use for such powers, Chris’ power is just as strong as the rest of his heritage.

Weaknesses: Chris has a very serious fear of being weak, not being able to carry out his goals as he envisions them or protect others. His sense of justice is noble, but it is prone to being manipulated for others. He also seems to be prone to some inner turmoil he might not be aware of. Chris also has a problem with being carried away by being a showman.

Biography: As a child, Chris was just as bullied as other kids, and he couldn’t stand seeing
them every day at school. Even though he was mostly quiet and was generally well-behaved, Chris always wanted to find a way to help others but wasn’t sure how. Then one day, when Chris was a 2nd grader, one of the bullies decided to target Chris, to get a reaction out of him, the young wolf didn’t pay too much attention to him until the bully started to insult Chris’ parents, a surefire way to anger him at that age. Out of nowhere, Chris’ right hand ignited with burning violet flames and the bully quickly backed off, not mentioning the event to anybody in order to protect his reputation. Chris looked at his quickly diminishing fire. He had power. He found a way to protect others.
But even though Chris realized he was special, he didn’t think things through on how to use it. The following day, Chris witnessed the same bully from yesterday picking on a much smaller student. This was it. This was Chris’ chance to be a hero. From the blue, Chris charged at the 5th grader and jumped on him, wildly using his pyro abilities, causing 1st degree burns towards the “villain”. This power possessed him, as he proceeded to attack the bully while he was still on the ground.
As no surprise, Chris was suspended from school indefinitely, but his parents took him out of school for his own safety from the other kids. Following the suspension, Chris’ younger siblings, Jaden and Christie, looked upon their older brother with a sense of fear over what he could do to them. Wishing to defuse the paranoia occurring among his children, Damien Hayabusa talked to his oldest son about how he appreciated the fact that Chris was trying to help others but was at the same time disappointed that he didn’t handle the situation differently. After talking it over, Damien and Susan enrolled Chris into the Soaring Dragon Dojo, a martial arts school owned and ran by a family friend of theirs named Jirokai, in order to help Chris better grasp his abilities and learn to use them responsibly. Strangely, only two other children were taught at the same time that Chris was, and yet, the dojo was very clean and modern, as if Jirokai taught that many students to afford it. These two new classmates of Chris’ were Shojira Hyujimoto, a tiger who was taking care of his younger sister after their parents succumbed to a disease, and Bailey Rosworth, a female badger who was about twice as tall as Chris as well as a tomboy.
As years passed and Jirokai taught the trio in ways that not only improved their bodies but their minds beyond the limits of their bodies, Chris not only learned how to control his pyrokinesis but to think through situations where he would have jumped the gun if not for his training. Now much more social and energetic thanks to his friendships with Bailey and Shojira, he was able to finish school at a proficient level. Chris has been taking several odd jobs around his hometown as a means to get by living on his own. He technically graduated from the dojo but is still involved to help new recruits. Lately, an announcement was made for a festival in the royal city of Aldwynne that would feature a martial arts tournament. But little did everyone involved know that their lives would change on that day.

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